Driveways construction services

Our company delivers high quality driveways construction services for the residents of Eastern Ireland. We base our projects on quality materials that look phenomenal even after years of exploitation. We are specialists in what we do – our team is made of experienced and qualified employees for whom no project is too small or too big. We are willing to design and execute both tiny and demanding assignments, because it gives us a constant chance to grow and learn.


One of the options of driveway construction that we offer is using concrete structures. They are reliable and ensure the smooth rolling of a car, at the same time maintaining a classy look. For our customers interested in some additional aesthetic values, we offer staining, which gives the road an intriguing character.



Even though our driveways construction services include a multitude of different variants of materials, gravel is still one of the most popular. There are three major factors in favour of such a driveway – it is our cheapest option, it is easily installed and it needs the smallest amount of care to look great.


Driveway construction - preparations

So that your driveway could look great for a long time, we must follow some essential steps during the construction process. It should be remembered that its appearance and longevity depends on both the standard of workmanship and the quality of materials that are used. For this reason, we always focus on every single detail, so that our driveway construction services could be perfect for you.

We take care, for example, of the subgrade, as it is the basis for our work. We make sure that the slabs are thick enough, so that they would not crack. If there are any soft spots, we get rid of them and place better material instead. Usually, around 2-8 inches of crushed rock constitute the subgrade, but it depends on individual wishes of a client.

A driveway – advantages

There are many advantages of having a well-constructed driveway. Here are some of them:

  • It saves time and money, because you do not have to fix it constantly. It is better to invest in a good service once than pay for repairs many times.
  • It increases the value of your property. If you ever decide to sell your house, a beautiful and solid driveway will constitute its unspeakable advantage.
  • It personalises your home, because driveway construction may be adapted to your personal needs and preferences. You can choose the material, the shape, the size and other qualities, so that it would look exactly as you want.
  • It is very practical and properly serves its function. Thanks to a driveway, you will always step on a firm surface while getting out of the vehicle, instead of walking in the mud or dirt that would be brought to your property.

Why choose our driveway construction services?

  • Our team has gained immense experience already, therefore we know which materials and methods to choose in a particular case.
  • We have prepared competitive prices, so that almost everyone could benefit from our offer.
  • We work in a wide area, as we can perform driveway construction services not only in Kildare, but also in Naas, Carlow, Newbridge, Portlaoise, Dublin and the surrounding areas.
  • You have a wide range of possibilities – we can work with gravel, concrete or tarmac in order to fulfil your vision of a beautiful driveway completely.
  • We carefully plan our work and as a result, we always finish it on time.