Concrete driveways

Concrete driveways we design for the residents of Kildare, Dublin and surrounding areas are complex and satisfying. Our employees work closely with our customers to ensure their satisfaction and include their ideas and wishes. Such a model of operation lets us deliver concrete driveways that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also built on the satisfaction of our clients.

Every road of this type needs a specific preparation to be less prone to breakage and more resilient, especially if it is going to experience heavy traffic. In special cases a steel reinforcement is needed. Our team of professionals will adequately plan the project and then execute it, including the customers’ wishes and suggestions. Thanks to their expertise, concrete driveways in Dublin and Kildare look fresh and serve our clients for decades.

The purpose of mounting concrete driveways

One of the most prominent arguments in favour of installing concrete driveways in Dublin and Kildare for our clients, is the fact that not many designs are as inexpensive and simple to apply as this particular solution. They are reliable and thanks to their smooth surface, the vehicles have absolutely no problems in parking in front of the house.

We take care of designing and mounting concrete driveways in Kildare, Dublin and many other cities in the area. Our team is reliable and willing to follow the customer's suggestions to create a design they are going to absolutely love.

Concrete driveways – the advantages

  • A properly installed concrete driveway is going to last many years of strenuous use and unfavourable weather conditions of any climate, including the rainy Ireland.
  • Even though many people consider them a boring option, today's solutions can be very colourful and decorative. Moreover, experienced contractors can introduce a variety of patterns and textures in their projects too.
  • Concrete driveways are also extremely affordable – the initial costs of drafting the plans and mounting them are low and the conservation actions are also cheap.
  • They do not require a lot of maintenance – they only need to be semi-regularly cleaned with a hose and covered with a layer of concrete sealer once a year to protect them from harsh weather.
  • One of the most prominent advantages of concrete driveways is their versatility. They look attractive in front of any house – whether it is a terraced house, a detached house or a cottage.

Constructing concrete driveways

Preparing concrete driveways in Dublin and the area taught our team a vast number of construction details. The following steps are necessary for creating a solid and elegant structure:

  • The subgrade should be carefully prepared to withstand the weight of concrete and evenly compacted.
  • The control joints should be correctly placed along the entire surface of the concrete driveway to prevent it from cracking. It is possible to create a decorative pattern with this functional addition.
  • The steel reinforcement should be professionally constructed – to help the driveway handle heavy traffic and hold it together even in case of it cracking.
  • The drainage system should be in place, if a house owner wants to avoid puddles forming after rain, flowers watering or hose cleaning.
  • The final and most important step is curing the concrete driveway with a chosen method to increase its durability and longevity.